Interested in conventional use of candles during ceremonies, and the significance act of enlightening a candle to make a ritual began. The idea took shape into a candle holder that make more present this hand gesture. 

Culto is a Spanish term used to designate spiritual rituals. e concept of an “object ritual” comes alive into an organic contour shape giving a sense of closed continuity that with the first act will manifest its rupture. 

The candleholder was presented during Milan Design week’17 as part of the Unboxed collection in the United Colors of Benetton store windows on Piazza del Duomo. Unboxed is a Fabrica project for Designer box, a French design editor. 

The collection of pieces presented focuses on the narrative potential of non-technologic products. It transcends functionality to spread poetry, humour and even subversion in our interiors. 


Blown Glass and wax

Edition of 1


Duomo Square - UCB Store, Milan Design Week'17

untitled.1 copy.jpg