Edgar Carrasco Mora

The meeting of two generations and two different ways of expressing history. Ángeles Ortiz, invades with her curatorial gaze, the study of the teacher and far from finding a link with a past close, finds a dialogue of unpostponable urgency. This work that accumulates over the years must be carried to its present value. These series of conversations between artist and curator, away from technical aspects and focused on great coincidences of vision, are transferred to a large canvas, a show that resists chronology and monothematic narrative, to visually surprise every corner of the Ecuadorian House of Culture in Quito.
— Karina Salguero Moya, International editor

Edgar Carrasco, a prolix artist, but elusive to excessive media exhibitions, has been building a body of work that, beyond showing a chronology, projects through an extraordinary domain of color, the cadence of his emotions and thoughts. After 30 years of being immersed in a process of introspection, and the encounter sublime with its own anonymity; a dialogue, an exchange of words, break their silence and persuade them to take a public space, to do something unusual.



Step by step we are creating our design tribe
— María Jose R. (Luna Lunares), Co-Founder

Open in August 2018 with the desire to increase the knowledge of local design culture. SUIO is a window to the best design made in Ecuador. The house gathers some of the best creative talents under one roof.