Fabrica and the Zürich gallery Roehrs & Boetsch have teamed up to create Table of Contents, a new glass collection that made its debut as Curio at Design Miami/Basel (Basel, Switzerland – 14/19 June 2016).

In the designs that make up Table of Contents, glass is a medium for questioning human nature and perception. A common denominator, lending a multi- dimensional transparency to the concept of containing, highlighting or protecting each narrative.

Metamorphosis explores the concept of containing freedom, through the relationship between man and nature. Inside – anticipated feelings of freedom. Outside – a dispute, a sense of guilt combined with a desire of possession. Manufacturer: Massimo Lunardon / Fabrica, Italy 

Design Miami Basel Angeles Ortiz


A container of freedom: Metamorphosis, 2016.

Glass, mirrored glass, silver chain

14 3/5 × 8 1/2 × 8 1/2 in

37 × 21.5 × 21.5 cm

Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery, Zürich

Edition of 15 (2AP + 2MP + 1PT)