Snakes are an important motif in Asian Mythology, from the many myths and legends, they are considered as deities, that maneuver through their body parts, transitioning between a human head to the body of a snake by shape shifting. The legend talks about a Snake Goddess who was powerful, vivacious and seductively gallant, possessing a supreme gemstone. 

A collection of three plinths design for Bvlgari Short trailer from the exhibition entitled “Serpentiform” to be launched in August 2017 in Singapore. Within the video concept each piece provided the atmosphere to create a dialogue between the jewelry and snakes in which these ones are inspired. 

set design

serpentiform exhibition trailer

bvlgari, italy


Odette Pavlova mesmerizes and intrigues like a Serpenti goddess. She seductively attracts you to discover Bulgari’s SerpentiForm realm in Singapore, where Art, Jewelry and Design are coiled up by the powerful serpent sign. Director: Laura Sans DOP: Giovanni Andreotta Camera Assistant: Andrea Corato Focus Puller: Matteo Bolzonello Gaffer: Angelo Russo Best Boy: Gianluca Cecconello Edit: Laura Sans Color Correction: Laura Sans Model: Odette Pavlova Stylist: Aurora Sansone Hair Stylist: Gabriele Trezzi Makeup Artist: Cosetta Giorgietti Manicurist: Annarel Innocente Set design: Angeles Ortiz, Leo Gray Music: Akansha Krishnani Set photo: Matteo Bellomo Project manager & producer: Monica Lanaro Produced by Fabrica Design under creative direction: Sam Baron

Ángeles Ortiz design .jpg
Ángeles Ortiz Serpentiform design.jpg
Ángeles Ortiz Serpentiform design.jpg