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Art, Design & Tea

  • Xapiri Cusco Perú (map)

Join us for an evening of design, indigenous identity and Amazonian tea!

164 Women presentation by Ángeles Ortiz, Ecuadorian designer. We will explore the indigenous cultural identity of the Toquilleras artisans located in South Ecuador. Through the poetic and the abstract, Ángeles gives her reading of their daily life and the sense that weaving has for them. From these shared experiences balance is found between local Ecuadorian craft and contemporary design.

Náha tea ceremony by designer and artist Melanie Dizon. Medicinal and wild harvested tea tasting from the Peruvian Amazon. The act of drinking tea is a return to the art of stillness, distilling the essence of nature into the very nature of ourselves; activating the intuitive, awakening the innate, and balancing our internal ecosystem.